SEMrush Vs Ahrefs – Which Is Best SEO Tool For Your Blog in 2020? The Ultimate Comparison Guide

SEMrush Vs Ahrefs 2020:- SEMrush is among the most famous and used SEO tools in the world. In business since 2008, today it is among the most complete online software for the analysis of competitors, the analysis of keywords, the analysis of backlinks.

And all that is necessary to improve the positioning of a website or create effective PPC campaigns. If you are the owner of your business, with SEMrush you can monitor the competition and integrate this tool with Google Analytics and Search Console.

This way you can keep an eye on all traffic and visibility metrics between search results in one place. If you do SEO, you can use this tool to conduct competitive research and analysis on the search engine results page.

You will be able to study the competition, identify your competitors, monitor the links to your site, and map the keywords to focus on.

You will also be able to track the position of your site in searches and search for potentially harmful links for SEO.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs Review Comparison
SEMrush vs Ahrefs Comparison

What is SEMrush

Over 3 million customers in small and large companies worldwide use the features of SEMrush. The program now includes 15.5 billion keywords and numerous functions with which the turnover of companies can be increased significantly within a very short time.

More than ½ billion domains belong to the portfolio of the search algorithm. And more than an unbelievable 7.9 trillion backlinks are available from tools and in 150 geo-databases the user can search for the data of the competition on the go or on the desktop.

Function of SEMrush

Here are the major functions of SEMrush:

  1. Analytics reports

This gives users an insight into the strategic orientations of competitors in the field of display advertising. The user receives in-depth information and analysis tools for link building and the organic and paid search results.

  1. Organic research

The right keywords enable you to position your own homepage at the top of the search engine rankings, and observing the competition provides meaningful information about their tactics. Basically, this SEMrush tool is about:

  • the best keywords of the competition
  • new competitors in organic search
  • Insights into the position change of domains
  1. Recognize the best keywords from the competition

If you want to secure a top position in the top ad positions of search engines in tightly packed competition, you have to understand that correct content can outweigh gold. But good content must also contain the right keyword strategy so that the target audience can use organic search to find the right web address finds.

SEMrush’s organic research generates data that makes it easy for you to see through your competitors’ strategy. You can see at a glance the search terms of the competition and their respective position in the coveted TOP 20 positions in the organic search results from Google and Bing.

With the help of Competetive Intelligence, customers receive a valuable tool to help them find the best SEO keywords for their own homepage. The analysis of the content strategy of the direct competition brings with it numerous new insights and enables the orientation of your own content on relevant topics.

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SEMrush shows itself clearly in the results list and indicates the keyword with the corresponding position and the search volume.

There is even more information in SEMrush’s organic research with the option of sorting the keywords of the competition according to their value based on various performance indicators on the web.

These include, among other things, the search volume, the estimated CPC, the strength of the competition, the number of search results, the traffic, and the trend of the respective search term.

Customers also have the option of displaying the ranking within the search engines for each keyword and seeing how they evaluate the web texts. In many cases, new ideas arise for your own content strategies or new content for your own homepage.

  1. Discover new competitors in organic search

In order to reach the target audience in the wide world of search engines, there are even more options with SEMrush within an organic search. Competition in many industries is characterized above all by the fact that it changes very quickly and the environment is constantly broken by new providers.

It is particularly difficult to keep an overview and even more difficult to know which strategies for organic search and online marketing are pursued.

The optimization of organic keywords for natural search is one of the essential building blocks for success and the practical SEMrush map shows the competitor positions clearly and easily understandable at a glance.

The graphic shows where the strengths and weaknesses of the individual organic keywords lie – both for your own website and for the website of the direct competition. In addition, the function of the SEMrush report on competitors in organic search also shows how the website is compared to the competition in the TOP 20 positions in Google and Bing.

  1. Observation of changes in the position of the domains of the competition

In the organic search section, SEMrush offers another report that takes a closer look at the top positions in the search results lists from Google and Bing. Achieving a good position is difficult enough and involves a lot of effort and cost.

However, maintaining this position requires even more SEO effort. The report shows how the positions of the competition change and enables direct comparison with your own strategy for organic search. Customer behavior and current issues can lead to changes in customer behavior.

It is important to react immediately to changing trends and to adapt your own decisions. The graphic within the report clearly shows which SEO keywords have helped a domain, improve the display result in organic search, or have made it possible for this domain to suddenly find itself among the coveted TOP 20 positions.

At first glance, improved search terms can only show minor changes. However, their effects on organic searches can determine success or failure. The list also shows which search terms have lost importance, i.e. traffic, and where the ranking has deteriorated.

Proactive behavior now brings a small lead, because it needs to be shown at the very front. However, their effects on organic searches can determine success or failure.

  1. Ad research

Competitive intelligence is also involved here, i.e. the systematic and legal collection of data for evaluating the competition and its strategic decisions.

The competition observation offers great opportunities to analyze companies and markets in times of fast-moving change and permanent change with short product life cycles.

It’s perfectly legal to get information and analysis that shows how competitors are behaving. As a final result of the process, the knowledge gained about the market and the competition is used to create expected effects for your own company and to develop the recommendations for action based on it.

In particular, it is about forward-looking statements about competitive positioning, intentions, and strategy. SEMrush is also particularly user-friendly in this area and offers the opportunity to find out the strategies and budgets of the competition.

This leads to the optimization of your own Google AdWords campaign, in which so far only PPC keywords were selected and the advertising budget was sensibly divided. SEMrush’s ad research gives customers access to the previously hidden data from the AdWords competition campaigns and their PPC marketing activities.

This includes the best keywords, the most profitable ad texts, and the latest trends in user activity in Google and Bing. One can learn not only from the successful strategies of the competition but also from their mistakes and thus avoid mistakes in the advertising campaigns.

  1. Get to know your competitors

A start-up can quickly become a market leader and, conversely, an absolute customer favorite. The struggle in the digital age regularly demands its victims and presents the new winners just as quickly.

In order to be able to precisely recognize the position of the competitor on the web, it is first necessary to identify him exactly. The competitors of a domain are clearly listed and the number of common keywords with the estimates of the paid traffic then provides a good overview.

If you find that another domain has a high number of matches with your own keywords, then this is a first and important indication that this could be a new star in the industry.

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With the sorting according to the real competitors, the analysis of the performance is finally an overall picture, that makes it possible to focus on the real PPC rivals. But the ad research tool from SEMrush also clearly shows your own strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Display advertising

Every company has millions of websites on which they can advertise their products and services. Google’s display network has long become an arena for modern fighters and a successful publisher.

In order to get the advertising up and running, however, numerous test runs and sensitive settings are required. The most effective formats of the competition and knowledge of which TOP publishers and advertisers are pursuing which strategy offers scope for optimization and new submissions.

The ad placement is supplemented by call-to-action commands to address the user personally and directly. The practical display tool also provides this information. You will receive the information on which landing pages are advertised, how many ad placements are used, and which formats work best.

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After that, you are well prepared to take advantage of display advertising for your own purposes. The report also clearly shows the TOP 30 advertiser websites. Specifically, the tool offers the following functions:

  • Analysis of the ad title, subtitle, images, design, and call-to-action buttons
  • Analysis of the specific incentives to ask customers to act
  • Display of the impressions of a particular advertisement
  • Display of the Conversion rate in% as KPI for your online marketing
  • Presentation of the ratio of text ads to media banners
  • Analysis of the most attractive points for users on the ads of the competition
  1. Identify publishers on the Google network

In addition to the ads from the competition, it is important to know where exactly the ads are placed. The publishers are the websites in the display network on which you can present your company.

The presence on certain and above all successful placements ensures success and the desired traffic. In addition to a smart budget calculation, the ads must also reach the target audience.

Therefore, this tool is one of the best to determine where the competition uses the Google network for display ads. Have you created the first ads and want to know which devices are best displayed on them?

This is also not a problem with SEMrush, because here you get a great overview of the differences in statistics by device type. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device – the possibilities are more complex today and the path of the customer to your company takes place on several channels.

  1. Backlinks

The SEMrush backlink checking tool is extremely powerful and is indispensable for all serious marketing agencies and committed entrepreneurs.

The comprehensive backlink analysis shows the geolocations of the backlink sources and offers the possibility to check the backlink type. Good backlinks are rewarded by the search engines because they are a sign of the seriousness, quality, popularity, and trustworthiness of websites.

The higher the number of good backlinks on your website, the higher the ranking in the search engines. It is therefore in your own interest to receive a large number of good references. You can use the tool to check the incoming links for a domain, a root domain, or a URL.

This enables you to rate how well a referring domain is viewed on Google & Co is and what the anchor text of the link is. The comparison of the weighting of the backlinks on the domain of the competitors is particularly user-friendly.

  1. Keyword research

To find the right keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns, the SEMrush tool for keyword research. This enables you to enrich the content and paid advertisements in the search engines with meaningful and, above all, lucrative search terms.

Strengthen your presence on the Internet and collect suitable phrases or similar keywords. This gives you the best possible strength to create new content that appeals to users directly.

Anyone who has previously only advertised regionally or limited himself to their home country will also have the opportunity to use SEMrush’s keyword research to discover and conquer new international or multilingual markets.

  1. Keywords, synonyms, and variants

SEMrush would not be the market leader if the keyword research tool did not hide another practical detail. In order to generate similar keywords, the TOP 100 of Google and Bing domains are searched for a specific search term.

And the system spits out a list at the push of a button, in which all synonyms and variants for the respective search term are listed. With this, you have an almost endless source of potential search terms and derivations in your hands, with which you will push your own creativity in text creation.

The most popular search terms usually generate the most search volume. But it is also worth looking left or right because the so-called long-tail keywords attract thousands of users, i.e. potential customers, every day. After all, they make up around 70% of the search volume in the entire search traffic.

Let’s turn about Ahrefs while comparision SEMrush Vs Ahrefs 2020.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a paid SEO software suite. It is known to be one of the largest website crawlers besides Google. The name comes, as it can be assumed, the English href – attribute and defines the desired reference target. So it is obvious that Ahrefs got the name from the references.

It is known to be a tool that different website owners use for their research and analysis to effectively optimize theirs for different search engines.

Although its focus initially was on backlink analysis, it has added various features over the years so that its users can make full use of them to keep their website up to date with any new content published.

Functions of Ahrefs

Ahrefs is primarily a link intelligence tool designed for professional SEO professionals. Scan the web through a proprietary crawler (AhrefsBot), update its indexes regularly.

And offer a wide range of functions that allow us to analyze the link profile of a website through fundamental information such as the anchor text of the backlinks, social metrics, and much else.

Ahrefs is a complete suite of tools for social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will help you better interpret your content and that of your competitors. The most important functions can be found in the navigation at the top.

In addition to your dashboard, you will find Site Explorer, Content Explorer and Keyword Explorer here. On the left in the navigation you can, for example, display new backlinks, lost and faulty backlinks. You can also check the same on a domain basis.

The anchor texts used for the respective backlinks are also important in this context. This is very helpful if you want to do targeted link building.

  1. The dashboard

Here you have the power over your projects. For sites that you need to keep an eye on, you should create a project. You always have the most important values of your projects here at a glance – with a click on the project you will also land in the respective overview of the domain.

  1. Competitive analysis through the Keyword Explorer

One of the most important things in online marketing is to know the competition in the industry.  How competitive are the services/products? How easy or difficult is it to rank with certain search terms on Google? You can analyze all of this using the Keyword Explorer. Ahrefs offers you many functions to find out exactly that.

  1. Backlinks Explorer

This feature from Ahrefs allows you to display a detailed profile for your website or your competitor. It consists of three parts:

  • Organic traffic research: This module helps you to see which keywords your website’s competitors are ranking and which pages generate the most traffic from search engines.
  • Backlink checker: To find out whether your competitors have used any of your on their websites, you can view them here. This module also helps you to check that your profiles have high-quality backlinks so you can decide which ones to include in your future content.
  • Paid traffic research: Finally, in this section, you can find out whether your competitor is investing in paid search advertising. Aside from that, you can also learn where to use this paid traffic.
  1. Enter your domain

Ahrefs not only allows us to analyze the domain URL ( ) but it also allows us to analyze each page of a website ( ).

In this way, we will not only know the total volume of links that point to our website but we will also be able to know the links that only point to a specific landing.

  1. The wave of links

Thanks to this graph we will be able to know the frequency of the creation of links. The graph will not only allow us to assess our progression in SEO strategy, but we will also be able to detect possible negative SEO attacks.

The blue line represents the number of pages with an inbound link and the yellow line the number of domains. In this way, we can identify if a large part of our links is located in a blogroll or footer (possible toxic links).

Google does not seem natural that all our volume of links has been created overnight. For this reason, a Linkbuiding strategy has to be well planned to respect timings.

  1. Url Rank and AHREFS Domain Rank

Like almost all link monitoring tools, Ahrefs offers us its own metric to assess the authority of a domain. This score is closely related to the number of inbound links the domain receives.

  1. Anchor text percentages

Monitoring the anchor text percentage is a very important task for the development of our strategy. Too high a percentage in our most relevant keywords may be the cause of an algorithmic penalty. Over-optimizing anchor text is one of the factors that Penguin takes into account.

  1. Link and domain calendar

Ahrefs also offers us a quick and easy way to monitor inbound links and domains that point to our site. Thanks to this we will be able to quickly detect a Negative SEO attack.

  1. Competing domains

In this section, we will see how two types of websites compete with each other: the one we are analyzing and others that have a greater number of keywords in common.

It is great because there is nothing to do to enter the competition, Ahrefs already does it for us. It is a useful way to find new competitors in a certain niche.

  1. Content gap

These new functions are useful for SEO strategy because it allows us to answer a question that we normally ask ourselves regarding our competition: What does he have that I don’t have?.

And from there, choose the keywords that work best to improve the positioning of the web. Content Gap complements the previous two since with this functionality you can compare 3 different domains or pages with the one you are looking for.

We can find the content difference by URL, prefix, and by the domain (with and without subdomains). We can also search for keywords that our competitors use, but that a specific competitor does not use.

We will use it to put our URL because we are interested in knowing how our competition has done with its content strategy.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs 2020 Review

SEMrush vs Ahrefs which one should you use?

SEO tools are combat tools for internet marketers. There are many tools that are currently commonly used, one of which is a tool for conducting keyword research, or backlinks from competitors.

There are two tools commonly used to spy on the SEO performance of competitors, namely Ahrefs and Semrush. Ahref and SEMrush are tools that are widely used by SEO experts. Both are powerful tools.

In addition to monitoring the SEO optimization of your competitors, these two tools can also be used to check SEO optimization on your website, so that if there are obstacles or errors when doing SEO optimization, you can immediately fix it.

Both are premium tools with fairly high prices. So, before deciding which to choose, make sure you know the features and the advantages of both.

SEMrush Features and Benefits

SEMrush is a tool commonly used for competitor keyword research. This tool is important so that you can compete with competing websites because SEMrush is included in a comprehensive keyword research tool. Here are the advantages of SEMrush:

  1. To Analyze Competitors

One reason why SEO experts use the SEMrush tool is to research competitors. Your competitors, maybe now far spying on your web keywords. Now, it’s time for you to spy on them using this tool. With this tool, you can find the best keywords that can drive most of the competitor’s web traffic.

By using SEMrush Analysis, you can monitor competitors’ websites. This way, you will know their potential strengths as well as their weaknesses. So you can understand how to compete with competitors strategically.

  1. Features for Checking Backlinks

Just like Ahref, SEMrush also has a feature to check backlinks. Backlink itself is the backbone of a website. This optimization can provide a great opportunity to get organic traffic on your website.

  1. Keyword Tracking

SEO experts use this feature to increase SERP ( search engine result page ). Thus, tracking your search ranking will not be difficult, because it has access to the right tools. With SEMrush, you can now track every keyword that can boost traffic on your website pages, including traffic and also ranking position.

  1. Comparing Domains

This feature serves to compare various domains at a particular time by showing an increase in links leading to the domain. This feature works so you can find better ideas to get satisfying results on search engines, like Google. For quality checks, you can compare 4 or more competitor domains directly.

  1. Features for Analyzing Ads

SEMrush is a tool that can check the position of your competitors’ ads. With this analysis system, you can find out their paid advertising strategies. Your competitor’s Google Adwords ads, you can now analyze in order to compete strategically in SEM (search engine marketing).

  1. Looking for Competitors With High Keyword Traffic

SEMrush has a feature that can find potential keywords on competitors’ websites. Thus, you will find out keywords that can bring great traffic to your website. With this feature, you can note keywords into Excel, and use them in the future.

  1. SEO Audit Features

This feature allows you to be able to carry out a thorough SEO audit of your site. You can find out the various shortcomings and make improvements immediately. Thus, traffic on the website will increase.

  1. Valuable information about decision-making competence

Know the competition and know their statistical data, and performance in the online world, in addition to its impact, and based on this achieve maximum efficiency and profitability of any business.

  1. SEMrush and its impact on SEO positioning

SEO positioning in search engines and digital social media and platforms is achieved by analyzing keywords. And how they behave within a segment and analyzing them through comparative competition.

It is also relevant that this was accompanied by accurate information about an Adwords campaign and audits to see the internal link of our site, and other possible errors and how even the budget would be affected through cost or price analysis. You can find all this with SEMrush.

  1. Corporate website in WordPress and SEMrush, and improvements in its performance

If you have chosen to create your website using WordPress, SEMrush can help you in several aspects, such as:

  • Optimize the development and execution of an advertising campaign strategy.
  • Lets you know the status of your website, know the words already indexed in search engines, and the backlinks that have come to you at the time.
  • Shows the influence of keywords by months
  1. The very complete free version

This platform is tools for digital marketing, in its free version if it has limitations, however, you can use these options indefinitely. It is worth noting that the functions that it provides in this version have a value very close to that of the paid version, the limitations are not so marked as similar.

  1. The simplicity of use, without detriment to efficacy and performance

The instinctive and simple way of using all the functions they have does not require a great expert, the structure. And its presentation is very well designed, making the data demonstration well visible to the user thanks to the graphics and sketches. This has made it a preference among many users.

  1. Innovation and constant improvements

The frequency with which SEMrush establishes improvements in its functionalities or other details of the page allows the digital marketer. Or the user who wishes to use it, to be up to date when considering a digital marketing strategy.

Ahrefs Features and Benefits

Ahrefs is a tool that functions as a backlink checker. This tool is widely used by SEO experts. In addition, there are many other functions of this one tool, and certainly, prove to be very powerful.

Here’s a list of other features that are no less important than SEMrush :

  1. Content Explorer

This feature is provided to make it easier for you to find content ideas for websites. In addition, this feature is also well suited for finding potential content to become viral.

Its function is to search for content on a website, then sort it based on a high level of share on social media. The higher the level of content shared, the higher the potential for viral load. Well, this is where you can get ideas to make it.

  1. Crawl Reports

Crawl Reports is a feature that helps SEO experts to deal with several problems. Like, the problem of dead links, on-page optimization is less than the maximum, and many others.

Through these features, you can see the SEO structure and performance on the website well. If your website has a problem in SEO optimization, it will be known immediately and can be fixed immediately.

  1. Batch Analysis Feature

Batch Analysis feature functions to compare backlink conditions. The comparison system was up to 200 URLs. In a short time, we can compare the backlink condition or off-page optimization. If you are familiar with Ahrefs, reading this one feature won’t take a long time.

  1. Domain Comparison Tool

Similar to the Batch Analysis feature, the Domain Comparison Tool is a feature for comparing backlink conditions. However, this feature is a simple version, because it can only compare 5 domains. So, you can get fast competition data for the niche that you are aiming for.

  1. Site Explorer

Site Explorer is a superior feature of Ahrefs. SEO experts who have been using Ahrefs for a long time, are certainly familiar with this feature. The function of this feature is to check backlinks on competitors’ websites.

The trick is very easy, you just need to access the URL, then enter the website link that you want to check, then finish by clicking the search button.

Next, you will see a dashboard display that shows general information. The information you will get is complete, so you can see a very clear picture of the domain you entered earlier.

  1. Position Tracker

Position Tracker is a feature that makes Ahref a revolutionary SEO tool. Its function is to check a ranking. With this feature, SEO experts no longer need to spend a budget to buy rank tracker tools just to check rankings.

With Ahref, you can monitor the ranking position of your website or competitors. First, access the URL, then enter the URL and password to be checked. You only need to do it once.

If there is a change in ranking, then the position on the feature will also change. These advantages make this feature different from other position tracker tools.

  1. Link Intersection Feature

Link Intersection is a feature that other backlink checker tools don’t have yet. Its function is to look for any backlinks that lead to your competitors’ websites but have not been directed to your website. Its function is also very good for finding niche backlinks.

  1. New and Lost Backlinks

New and Lost Backlinks are features that are still part of Site Explorer. Even so, this feature is included in an important point also to be discussed. Its function is to see the backlinks that are lost daily or new backlinks.

So, besides we can see the backlinks that we have made, we can also see backlinks that have been lost for some reason. So, you can analyze the performance of the website so that it is monitored in detail.

  1. Analyze SEO on page

Ahrefs is an extremely effective tool, through SEO Reports (one of its functionalities) you will be able to access the complete analysis of all the URLs that make up a particular online site.

Entering in relevant data about the type of links, if there are 404 error codes, the speed of loading the web, its level of accessibility, if there are redirects, etc.

The most important aspect of this function is the possibility of following up on the social mentions that the website has received.

  1. Monitoring and statistics of anchor text percentages

The anchor text or anchor text is an element within the link building that affects the SEO of the planned strategy for the development and execution of digital marketing.

Since it is the visible text in a link or hyperlink that provides information about the content to which we want to target the user and the search engines.

And if we talk about SEO, Ahrefs is a reference among digital marketing experts and professionals, allowing us to carry out this very important task for the development of our strategy. It is essential to know if we have too high a percentage in our keywords because it can be the trigger of an algorithmic penalty.

  1. Sniffing the competition

In the world of digital marketing, knowing and analyzing the competition is one of the fundamental pillars.

Ahrefs within the catalog of functions is the possibility of adding up to five URLs from which you can take control of your SEO profile, you can see what your competitors do that you do not, to perfect your strategy. In the same way, it allows you to know the authority of the domains that link to your site.

Main characteristics and elements of the comparison

Both Ahrefs and SEMrush are super complete tools to carry out organic positioning work from 0. What you will see in this content are the functionalities that are essential in any SEO tool and that you will surely need for your project.

These are the aspects to compare:

  1. SEO audit (SEMrush Vs Ahrefs)

Do you want to see a detailed analysis of the technical errors your website has? Let’s start with the SEO Audit function. What does SEMRUSH offer and what does AHREFS offer?

  • SEO audit at SEMrush

SEMrush shows you a summary panel about the SEO health of your website. Both from the perspective of a Desktop browser and a Mobile one. All errors (crawling problems, internal linking, loading speed, source code problems) are grouped into different levels of importance or priority, so you know where to start.

You easily access each type of error and each one shows a table of the URLs where those errors are found. For each type of error, the reason why that is an error and how to fix it are explained. You can even connect it with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to have more information. The benefits are:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Better error classification
  • Connection with third-party tools such as Google Analytics
  • SEO Audit at Ahrefs 

Of course, Ahrefs also has its own SEO Audit function which is very powerful. Ahrefs also crawls your website for errors. The result is a table with all errors, with 3 priority groups SEMrush style.

However, the drawback of this tool of Ahrefs is the interface is less intuitive to configure. In SEMrush you can also make advanced settings (eg type of browser to simulate, number of URLs to crawl …), but everything is more intuitive and fluid.

Also, the result is not as reliable as that of SEMrush. For example, pages with slow load speed classify them as an intermediate problem, rather than a top priority error.

In favor of Ahrefs, it must be said that its bot is capable of analyzing Javascript, so it can discover more links and therefore more content and more errors. Its benefit is it is able to parse Javascript

  1. Keyword analysis (SEMrush Vs Ahrefs)

  • Keyword analysis in SEMrush

SEMrush’s database of search queries (keywords) is brutal. With almost 20 billion keywords to do Keyword Research. In addition, the search volume data is fairly accurate and seasonally adapted (you can check it in tools like Google’s Keyword Planner ). Its advantages are:

  • More keywords
  • More precision

For Ahrefs, its search query database is less than half that of SEMrush. Just 10 billion keywords. The positive of Ahrefs is that it offers you searches for different types of search engines.

This is very useful if you have a multi-channel strategy and want to see what is being searched on YouTube, Amazon, etc. Its advantage is it has more search engines.

  1. Inbound links (SEMrush Vs Ahrefs)

  • Backlinks according to SEMrush

At this point, SEMRUSH is weaker. Because it is able to offer us only ¼ of the backlinks that the site receives. Although the total of Backlinks you paint on the panel can be very high.

At the moment of truth, if you look at the links that we can export there are not so many. Therefore you have to see the backlink table ordered 1 backlink per domain and the total number of referring domains.

Its advantage is the possibility of connecting with Google Search Console to extract those that Google has registered.

  • Backlinks according to Ahrefs

As for Ahrefs links, it is more accurate (among other things because it interprets Javascript). Ahrefs also has a function to see the outgoing links of a site and presents a calculation of domain authority, page rank or whatever we want to call it more precise. These are all advantages of this feature of the tool. Such as:

  • Extract more backlinks
  • It is more precise in terms of dates
  • Calculate better Authority or Pagerank of a domain because you know better the outgoing links of each page
  1. Prices (SEMrush Vs Ahrefs)

The prices of both tools are very similar. The basic plan, which any individual should start with, is at $ 99.

  • SEMrush

If you would like to give SEMrush your email address, they provide 10 free surveys. In addition, creating an account provides a full day of reporting for your company. However, companies that plan to use SEMrush daily choose to pay for one of the premium plans.

The SEMrush’s price seems reasonable, and you get beautiful reports in return. The next level in the case of SEMrush is the Guru level, which is intended for professionals.

With which we can create reports with our corporate identity and access historical data on the evolution in the rankings.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs has a 7-day trial, but you need to pay $ 7 for access. That doesn’t make a lot of marketing sense, but at least you don’t have to pay for an entire month.

As you will notice, Ahref serves as the most comprehensive and expensive SEO tool. The next plan in the case of Ahrefs is the Standard. With it, you have access to more than 5 projects (for the audit topic …) and more data.

  1. Spying on the competition (SEMrush Vs Ahrefs)

  • SEMRush

With SEMrush, spying on your e-commerce competition is easy. Even a quick look at the Overview page provides a flow of information, such as organic and paid search, traffic cost, and keywords.

  • Ahrefs

The main section of Site Explorer for Ahrefs covers everything from domains to backlink profiles. The system allows you to enter a competitor’s URL and provides results for both organic and paid traffic.

It’s not all about your competitors, as Ahrefs has many options to analyze your own website and see where you can improve.

  1. Content and Planning Tools (SEMrush Vs Ahrefs)

  • SEMRush

You receive a section called Projects, which includes links to social media support, brand monitoring, backlink auditing, and SEO ideas. The projects launch global campaigns in each of these categories.

For example, SEO ideas provide ideas about the type of content you need to move up the rankings. Some of the sections of the project remain in beta but are very promising to act with the information offered by SEMrush.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs stands out in terms of content exploration, as it has a completely separate module for discovering the most popular content from various topics.

The division involves social shares, organic traffic, and backlinks. In addition, Ahrefs has a time option to browse articles that were published in the last month, year, etc.


With the above-detailed information on features, benefits, and functionalities of both SEMrush and Ahrefs, you can now decide which one would be best for you. Choose according to your necessity and enjoy all the benefits of both SEMrush and Ahrefs as both of them are gigantic SEO tools.

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